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The Heartfullness Project

Fairyland Adventure Game: MARCH Cozy Corner Game

Fairyland Adventure Game: MARCH Cozy Corner Game

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Make a fairy house AND choose your own Fairyland Adventure game PLUS recipe for Fairy Tea…

This game includes:

  •  4 page game with instructions for: creating a Fairy House, Fairyland Adventure Game, and Fairy Tea Recipe
  • 14 pieces
  • 1 Social emotional learning game 

  • Creative & outdoor play

All you have to do is print, cut and play! 


The Cozy Corner Club is our monthly membership that includes a seasonal printable, downloadable game that is fun, easy and multidisciplinary. That means it combines the arts, creative play, social emotional learning and more.

Your children will meet Wadada Kids (your kids new besties) as they play the seasonally inspired games.

So if you want in on the monthly fun just click “subscribe & save” then “buy with shop pay” for our Cozy Corner Club monthly membership (with a 30% discount) or “one time purchase” for just this months game above. 

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It’s easy!

Even if you have a full time job or have lost hope with a “difficult” child. If you can learn an under 30 seconds song (that I teach you), you can master the Problem Solving Game and help children solve their own problems in under 5 minutes. 

  • Imagine how you’ll feel...

    ...when your children have less arguments & meltdowns so you can go back to having a happy home or classroom. Imagine the energy you will save by teaching children to be independent problem solvers.

What People Are Saying:

"Can't wait to use the Problem Solving (made easy) Kit with our students!"

-Jamaica Stevens

Founder & CEO of JAMaROO Kids