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The Heartfullness Project

Spa Mist MAMA GLOW UP MARCH Recipe free digital download

Spa Mist MAMA GLOW UP MARCH Recipe free digital download

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Your free gift: “Mama Glow Up” an easy, doable recipe all about taking care of YOU.


This month is “Spa Mist”, a bathroom & toilet spray. Perfect for giving your everyday shower a relaxing spa vibe. This mist spray also doubles as a toilet spray, just mist into the toilet before you go!


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It’s easy!

Even if you have a full time job or have lost hope with a “difficult” child. If you can learn an under 30 seconds song (that I teach you), you can master the Problem Solving Game and help children solve their own problems in under 5 minutes. 

  • Imagine how you’ll feel...

    ...when your children have less arguments & meltdowns so you can go back to having a happy home or classroom. Imagine the energy you will save by teaching children to be independent problem solvers.

What People Are Saying:

"Can't wait to use the Problem Solving (made easy) Kit with our students!"

-Jamaica Stevens

Founder & CEO of JAMaROO Kids